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We believe in martial arts as a life project to improve daily and not only aimed at the sporting part, since our philosophy goes beyond the material plane. At OKINAWAN BUSHIKAN INTERNATIONAL we develop several educational programs in martial arts:

¬ What disciplines will you learn ?

¬ Goju ryu is one of the traditional Karatedo styles from the island of Okinawa Japan, founded by the master Chojun Miyagui, it has techniques with characteristics of deep and sound breathing (Ibuki), circular movements with open hands, footsteps, grips and hardening of the body through specific exercises of the style, (Kote Kitae) and his Sanchin kata. The trainings are from 4 years of age, that is, children, youth and adults.

¬ Uechi Ryu is not influenced by traditional Okinawan karate, such as shuri-Te or tomari-te, which gave rise to the Shorin ryu style and half of Goju ryu. Uechi ryu is based on circular movements of a small diameter, with few linear movements that we can find in the development of its forms, which are based on the movements of 3 animals, the dragon, the tiger and the crane. This is because it was taken 100% from Pan gai num (half hard, half soft) a style of Kempo, native to the Fukien province of southern China, from which today there are no traces of descent, it can be say then, that Uechi ryu would be the closest survivor to Pan gai num. Uechi ryu is named in this way, after being transformed by sensei Kanei Uechi, between 1942 and 1945, giving rise to what would be one of the three styles of Karate that Okinawa recognizes today.

¬ Kobudo It is a martial art originating from the Ryūkyū Islands (Okinawa) that studies the use of traditional weapons of wood and metal such as; Bo, Tonfas, Sais, Nunchakus, Kamas and Kai and many more. the term currently used is Kobudo (old or ancient Ko, Bu of weapon or warrior and Dō path or spiritual path) Then, Kobudo is the ancient Path of Okinawan weapons. In our organization we manage 2 styles of kobudo, original and traditional systems from Okinawa: Matayoshi kobudo and Ryu kyu kobujutsu. And 7 weapons are studied: bo, tonfas, sais, nunchakus, kamas, eku, kai and jo.

¬ M.A FIT is the cardio system directed for all people, through this system we provide greater physical conditioning in a fun and modern way, complementing Karate and Kobudo with electronic music, it can be done by adults, young people without limitations. The platform is designed for a face-to-face or online learning system.

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