Karate teaching project for children from 4 to 15 years old, for the rescue of martial tradition and good customs as integral human beings in society, it is a professional school program and only directed to schools, schools or churches. Simple teaching sessions, without forgetting the MA Fit (Karate with music) to strengthen the body, mind and health in general. We carry our programs through group, private or online classes using social networks efficiently.

¬ Project classes Karate (PCK)
¬ Important:

- Project application time: Since 2020.
- Areas: Orlando Florida: (Semoran, Goldenrod rd, Curry ford, Pershing).
- Educational institutions: Potter house academy, kids Place school, Step by step Day care.
- Total population: 75 students.
- Population per school: Around 20 students.
- Achievements: Discipline, behavior, security, confidence, sports achievements, body exercises, coordination, motivation among others.

Pre-registration Student form

Private and Online classes FAQ.

1. Where is the address company ?
Orlando Fl. 32837 working on the road to you !

2. What type of classes does the Obi program include ?
1 Time Karate private at your home class per week and 2 times virtual online zoom per week. Zoom online classes every day from 6:00 pm.

3. Can i get a free class in my house ?
Yes you can but depends zipcode and just one time.

4. Where can we train in my home or apartment ?
Inside the house, apartment or garage or any outdoor space.

5. What else does the program include ?
Test, certificate test, Karate classes for 3 months, Karate uniform and white belt and new belt (new karate grade).

6. How much is the registration including the complete karate uniform ?

7. How much would I will pay monthly ?
$90 for 3 months (each month).

8. How much does the program cost for 3 months ?
$360 + taxes everything incluided.

9. Can I pay for the program in full and how much ?
Yes you do or you will pay monthly.

10. Do I have to make a contract ?
No you dont (No contract).

11. Who will be my Karate teachers?
Luis Castro Shihan (5th Dan) 5th degree Black belt and Mayerling Romero (1st Dan) 1th Degree black belt.